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      Juveliry Urala

“Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold...”

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
“The Hobbit or There and Back Again”

Angry dwarves didn’t want to share their treasures with anybody. They perceived the essence of jewels and metals and lived, according to legends, without sufferings and ailments an incredibly long life — hundreds, maybe thousands of years. But all their riches fell prey to a furious dragon, and the distressed gnomes moved into the world of legends. But before doing it they passed over their secret knowledge to people. Juveliry Urala plant may, by right, be considered their successor in skill and mastery. The plant has already became a living legend in formation, development and improvement of jeweler art on the border of Europe and Asia.

The history of the plant began from an Ekaterinburg Mineralogical workshop founded in 1896 specializing on creation of scientific and mineralogical stones collections. For more than 100 years of existence the former workshop evolved first in a jewelry factory, then — into a plant, and now it is the largest jewelry manufacturer in Russia. The plant produces precious metals and precious and semiprecious stones jewelry, souvenirs from malachite, jasper, rhodonite and other ornamental stones, known far beyond our country.

This way has been marked by gold milestones: the plant has mastered faceting brilliants from Yakutsk diamonds; started production of souvenirs from ornamental stones; introduced ultrasonic devices for the application of reliefs on the surface of stone products; launched production of exquisite jewelry made of white gold with diamonds, amethysts and other gems. And here “Juveliry Urala” has surpassed the piedmont magicians — the plant has learned to cultivate artificial emeralds.

Like fabulous masters from fairy-tales “Juveliry Urala” plant has been living for more than one hundred years and is not going to get old. All this time veterans and growing young generation of talented masters has been creating near each other sharing the secrets of the profession. Invariable awards and diplomas from numerous international and Russian exhibitions — “Diamond awards of the world” founded by De Beers company (London), JuwelTime (Tokyo), “Diamonds of Russia” (Moscow), “Innorgent” (Munich), the International JUNWEX exhibition (Moscow), “New Russian Style” and many others - are a good proof of skillfulness of Juveliry Urala masters.

Bright identity and unsurpassed quality of products made by “Juveliry Urala” are highly appreciated. Mstislav Rostropovich, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin ordered here magnificent gifts for their high-ranking friends. The plant’s museum carefully keeps autographs of the plant’s visitors among whom there were the prince Michael Kentsky, the cousin of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II, opera divas Galina Vishnevskaya and Irina Arkhipova, cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Vasily Lazarev, Olympic champions, theater and cinema stars and many others.

Today, the plant does not stop on the reached, it continues to please its customers with new masterpieces of jewelry and gift art! All products are of high quality and are having stones authenticity certificates. Annually jewelry from “Juveliry Urala” is exposed at the international and Russian exhibitions, and is recognized as products of high artistic value which is certified by leading experts of the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Kremlin Museum, the Ethnographic Museum.

Producing jewelry of the highest quality and complexity, making jewelry art affordable, the plant cherishes tradition of the Ural jewelry school and develops new trends in jewelry design.

Adhering to this principle in work, every employee of the enterprise contributes to the overall success of jewelry art.

Products of the plant are presented in many jewelry stores of Russia and abroad that again confirms their high competitiveness, the optimal combination of price and quality, high interest from buyers.